10 records made by Salman Khan’s Race 3 in 7 days
Facing all the critics, Salman Khan’s Race 3 has managed to get a huge success in Box Office by collecting crock of gold. The blockbuster movie has collected big bucks and broken various records in the Bollywood industry from the promising talent of Salman Khan and other artists. The records that movie has made in the very first week are as follows:

Highest occupancy

A movie starts expecting a huge success only when registration of the seats touches at least 50 percent of occupancy, but the movie has set the standards high by occupying 72 percent of seats in the morning shows. 

The highest opener of 2018

In the list of highest opener movies, Baaghi 2 and Padmaavat had a great recognition with Rs.25.10 Crores and Rs. 24 Crores respectively, but everything got shattered when Race 3 earned Rs. 29.17 Crores on the very first day. Read Race 3 Review

Fastest entrant to Rs 100 crore club of 2018

Salman Khan starrer Race 3 has taken only three days to break the record of collecting Rs. 100 Crores and set a new record. 

Highest single day of 2018

Records are made to be broken and the same can be justified in the movie Race 3 as it has set the new bars by breaking the old ones. Race 3 unruffled a colossal amount of Rs. 39.16 Crores on the 3rd day and had set the benchmark by becoming the highest single day of the year. Race 3 is likely to set New bar 

The second highest weekend of 2018

The much-heralded movie has hit the screens with a huge collection of Rs. 106.47 Crores in the 1st weekend and managed to become the movie having the second highest weekend of 2018 after Padmaavat of Sanjay Leela Bhansali even that movie got released in many other languages too. 

Highest grosser in the franchise

Race 3 has gotten a huge popularity and stepped up demands by becoming the highest grosser in the Race franchise because the prequels earned only Rs. 102 Crores in the box office collections

Highest collection of Eid

The movie Race 3 has broken all the preset records by gathering the attention of the spectators to earn Rs. 38.14 Crores on Eid. 

Second highest opening week grosser

While Padmaavat had collections of about Rs. 166.50 Crores, Race 3 got a total of mere Rs. 150 Crores in the first 7 days and become second highest opening week grosser movie. 

Salman’s second-fastest entrant 100 Crore

The perfect blend of action and thrill has entered in the box office to earn a total of Rs. 106.47 Crores. It could not beat the record of Rs. 114.53 Crores made by Tiger Zinda Hai due to which it gained a recognition only as Salman’s second-fastest entrant 100 Crore instead of being first.

Second-highest opening weekend worldwide grosser of 2018

After the most controversial movie Padmaavat, Race 3 has administered to get collections of Rs. 181.32 Crores whereas Padmaavat was on a higher number with Rs. 215 Crores. The movie has earned the tag of second-highest opening weekend worldwide grosser of 2018.

The success journey of this thrilling race is not over yet and the movie is likely to cross the unexplored laps of the B-industry. 

Race 3 Song Lyrics

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