Race 3 fails to impress excited Audience
Gets 2 Stars on Box office
The most hyped movie of this year Race 3 created the audience way before its release ; thanks to the publicity and marketing directors. Though, the movie was not able to hold the audience even till the end. Most of the people took the option to walk-out during interval. Analyzing the entire movie here is what went well and what not:

The Box-Office Collection

Though, the movie’s box office collection touched 200 crores but it failed to impress the audience completely. There are ample of things which could have easily matched the level of this movie to that of predecessors but it seems Remo pushed a wrong button, and that lead to a complete disaster which even Salman himself couldn’t save.

Audience’s Review; My personal experience was just to wait till the end for something which is comparable to what the previous Race predecessors created. That benchmark was not seen anywhere. People could barely watch the whole movie and half of the theater was emptied by the half-time. The movie failed to impress even those who dared to watch the entire movie as they kept on watching movie waiting for some real suspense to unfold but sadly the suspense was out in the first shot when Anil Kapoor was showcased as a villain and blasts the employee who ditched him. The poor story line and very slow dialogues and songs failed to impress people who walked especially for Salman.

What went well:

The perfect blend of action and thrill has not only showcased the talent of Salman Khan, whereas this movie is a package full of entertainment which is represented by many of the celebrities. The movie has portrayed Salman Khan in the character of Sikandar Singh in the movie that has sent to Beijing after which her love story continues with an Interpol officer named Jessica whose role is played by the sizzling beauty Jacqueline Fernandez.  The star-studded cast make the movie most sought after , other than that there is no other reason which could hold the people in the theaters to complete the run of 139 minutes. Other than that the movie has showcased some of the best cars and automobile bashing and guns and arms which you can see in holywood movies but all this couldnot hold the audience in theaters.

What didn’t went well for a movie with such big names;

This is for the first time that Salman’s Eid release didn’t met the expectation of audience for two consecutive years. Last year Tubelight failed to impress people , and this year Race 3 had turned a torture for people who walked to the theater in the name of Salman Khan. Here are some reasons why the movie couldnot do well:

Poor Story Line: The prime reason behind the failure of this movie is the poor and weak story line which the entire movie was based upon. An arms dealer from some UP town Handia being the Arm Mafia in Saudi..Sounds quite unrealistic. To add into it the same a Bull dog like image of Bobby deol who barks and bites on Salman Khan’s orders which is actually not worth it. The same aged actors Playing Son and Father role which was not easily digestable too. The end of the movie was baseless wherein the Hero offers a friendly hand to the villian’s son and they walk together and he happily surrenders. Overall an outdated and uninteresting story.

Weak and Unwanted Characters: None of the characters were created with brains; apart from sexy uncle who is smart and willing to go out of the way for Salman. The use of bro for Sanjana was something which is unexpected. Sanjana and his brother were actually not required and never in the entire bollywood history we have seen an Interpol agent acting as a middlemen to clinch a deal between politician and an Arms Mafia being on the positive side. The writer should have portrayed a better storyline with perfect characters in lead rather than stuffing it with stars and producing nothing.

Aggravated UP Accent used unnecessarily: If you have seen the movie, then you will agree to me Anil kapoor was playing more of a chacha harbhajan lal who came from Handia frame every now and then and starts singing a song or remembering his dream to go back Handia.

The weak punch lines: “Bro isko Dil nahi Dell khol ke dikhao” and “Siku is what has made you a dog” are used so unoriginally that it failed to impress the audience.

Slow Songs: All songs were hard to handle as people only waited for them to get over it. If this movie was released somewhere in 1995 when Audio Cassettes were sold , trust me no one would have bought the cassettes even for free. The songs are poorly written and so slow to be borne by music lovers.

With all this sorry story, we can only wish Salman to choose his movies wisely as his name raises big expectations and we being loyal to Salman cant see people disappointed and blame him for giving a flop.


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