The Dhoom actress is assuring her comeback by the release of Cakewalk
With the release of short film Cakewalk, Esha Deol is coming back in the film industry. The story is portrayed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee, the biographer of Hema Malini.

The Dhoom actress is assuring her comeback by the release of Cakewalk.

The theme of the movie is based on the personal and professional lives of the women in the society. Esha Deol has declared a statement that this idea of making the movie was originated in the mind of her mother’s biographer, while he was interrogating her mother for the book. This is not hidden that lives get changed after marriages, especially in the Indian Societies.

The 36-year-old actor did not show her talent after getting married. She is married to a businessman named Bharat Takhtani and has welcomed a daughter named Radhya. She has taken the break from her acting career in the care of her baby girl. After a long break, Esha Deol has assured a comeback in the film industry. The direction of the short film is saying that he has taken the inspiration from the elder daughter of Hema Malini, Ms. Esha Deol. The fresh change will be observed because the heroines have not performed much in the short movies. The box office films are somewhere different from the short movies.

Abhra Chakraborty is co-directing the short movie in which he is assuring the distinctive avatar of Esha Deol. Shailendra Sayanti is the bigger hand in the composition of music. The shooting of the movie was completed in Kolkata by the end of March. The movie has been shot in the beautiful places. The direction of the movie holds a strong inspirational base of the story. With the narrative skills of the biographer, the movie has been brought to an end. Ram Kamal has met various women who are struggling for their survival and earning their wages by themselves.

Esha Deol will be seen in the role play of a chef. A picture shared by Hema Malini also points towards this fact. The story is based on the lives of working women. But the question arises that why Esha Deol is preferring short films over the full feature film. There is a reason behind it that she wants to devote all her time to the upbringing of her baby girl. It takes too much time to shoot a full movie, whereas the shooting of the short movie can be wrapped in mere one schedule. She thinks that she is very lucky to have a husband like Bharat. 

It has taken three long years for the comeback of Esha Deol. She is the daughter of a family which has won the hearts of millions of people. Every generation of the family has made the forever impact on the audience. Esha Deol was spotted in a multi-lingual drama “Kill Them Young” in the year of 2015. Her chef’s attire of this movie is getting sensational everywhere. The dream girl of Bollywood is coming back to become the dream of the audience again. 

Cakewalk Poster Staring Isha Deol

Cakewalk Poster Staring Isha Deol


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