Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput
Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput In Pic From 'Incredibly Difficult' (Though It Doesn't Look like) Kedarnath Scene

The Kedarnath diary is getting the addition of more new pages to the collection of new memories. The latest photo featuring Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput is perturbing the audience. In the direction of Abhishek Kapoor, Kedarnath has reached in the midst of the shooting of the movie. The much-heralded movie is captivating the hearts of people by posting clueless photos. The Instagram followers are taking turns towards the photo as this memory is enough to cherish the soul of the people. The damsel girl and handsome actor are rocking the social media platform. 

Sushant Singh Rajput is all set to become a male protagonist in the upcoming movie where he will cast as a tour guide and the queen of glamour will be seen as a female lead. The love saga will entertain the couples by filling the love in the air. Abhishek Kapoor aka Gattu Kapoor has posted the photograph on Instagram with an intriguing caption- “A beautiful memory from an incredibly difficult and full-filling shoot. This is an image that will stay with me for a long time to come.” The captions of the director are showing how much he loves the actors and their connection is quite visible in the photograph.

The star kids always shine if they can provide the evidence to their talents. On the same page, the daughter of famous celebrity Saif Ali Khan is making her debut in the B-Industry with this movie. Alongside, Jahnvi Kapoor is all set to showcase her talent with the movie “Dhadak”. People are seeking to observe the talent of the girls which is flowing in their veins. It is expected that Sara Ali Khan will not disappoint the audience and everyone is hoping for the best. 

The very pleasing actor Abhishek Kapoor has enthralled the fans a lot by sharing the photo from behind-the-scenes. The sets of Kedarnath were not lucid to the people before this, but the director has managed to bring a clear resolution to lots of mysteries. Along with posting a photo of both hero and heroine, he has also shared a photograph of Sara Ali Khan by saying this: “Found this Lil puppy on the set yesterday… she promises not to bite… Any takers?”. This photo has revealed a mesmerizing look of the damsel lady. 

Along with the shooting of Kedarnath, Sara Ali Khan is also inducing her efforts in the shoot of Simmba, which will be the second movie of the girl. Sushant Rajput is busy wrapping the incredible difficult shoot of Kedarnath, Sara Ali Khan is jumbling somewhere between Simmba and Kedarnath. The producers of Kedarnath did not provide the justice to the girl properly as the dates got clashed somewhere in between. 

The awe-inspiring talent of the girl will get the wings in November of this year and after that people will enjoy the movie Simmba. Keep your fingers crossed to check the talent of the new girl who has just entered the B-Industry. Look forward to experience that how much popularity is waiting for her. 


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