Neil Nitin Mukesh and wife Rukmini name their baby girl Nurvi Neil Mukesh
"Both mother and daughter are well by the Grace of God," wrote the actor...

Neil Nitin Mukesh and his wife Rukmini was blessed with a daughter on Thursday at Breach Candy Hospital. In April, Neil had announced via Instagram that they were going to become parents soon, and that they were “very excited” for the next phase in their life. “We are okay with a baby girl or a baby boy as long as the baby is healthy,” Neil had earlier said in a statement.

And now, the overjoyed father has taken to social media to announce the name of their baby girl and it has the sweetest ring to it. They have named her Nurvi Neil Mukesh and we can't wait to see pictures of the angel. While sharing the same with his fans and followers, Neil wrote,"Rukmini and I are proud to announce the arrival of our darling daughter, Nurvi. The entire Mukesh family is elated. Both mother and daughter are well bythe Grace of God?"

Ealier when they went to Dubai for shopping for their baby, Neil had said, "Previous trips to Abu Dhabi had been all about shopping for us, but this time it is entirely focused on our baby. We are picking out things in neutral colours because we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl. I just want to make sure that Rukmini is happy. We have been visiting all the maternity sections in malls and it’s amazing to see tiny mittens and baby clothes. It’s overwhelming and exciting as well." Neil married Mumbai-based Rukmini in February 2017. It was an arranged match and they had a courtship of one month.


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