Mr. Perfectionist is  the Script Guru for the Ranbir Kapoor
As usual a story popped out which is more about RK but the biggest thing is that our very own perfectionist from Bollywood, yes you guessed it right Aamir Khan has taken the center stage.

This is not a controversy rather; this is news which broke two days back by a Twitter posting stating that Aamir Khan has offered RK his advice as a Script Guru. Astonished by his style of choosing pictures which are different from the league, Aamir is generally found really impressed with this artist’s variance style.

“ Sakki- Our very own Gossip Queen” had also confirmed that Aamir will be soon helping Ranbir Kapoor out with selecting scripts for his new movies to deciding dialogues too. You must be bewildered thinking that how Aamir and RK are connected so on this “Sakki” has something to say. She clears the doubt stating that Aamir and RK had been great friends from the sets of “Yeh jawani hai Diwani” and “wake-up sid” where RK was amongst the lead actors while Ayan who happens to be the link between Aamir and RK was on the directorial panel.

The friendship between Wife Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan with Ayan Mukherjee is quite popular in Bollywood Street. They are often found admiring each other’s movies and work and make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to perfection.

RK; an Actor as magnificent and perfect as his surname “Kapoor”

If you are an RK fan; you will definitely understand the probabilities of the concerned but in case you are not someone who agrees on Amir offering service to RK, here is why RK is different than the other actors in the industry.

  • He chooses movies which are challenging and has got a script and storyline curated close to the sentiments of the general public.
  • All of his movies irrespective of the Box-Office success has been accepted by the critics for his role.
  • The message behind all the movies he has enacted it is quite strong and close to your heart. Remember the Kabir from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani- 2013 to the Simple and sweet guy in Barfi, all of his roles has always proved his acting which he is born with.

An actor with so diversified portfolio and role; no one can ever think that he needs a mentor but he himself is feeling the bliss after this news broke down. With all this and much more our Sakki had found out one more news where AK has announced that he will be Ranbir’s Script doc only when Ranbir will take his suggestions seriously. AK has also told, in case his advice has not been taken seriously all of his practice will be futile.

It's not known whether Ranbir has taken up the offer or not, but the market for speculation is definitely hot.  Considering, he is as of now taking pointers from Aamir with regards to film showcasing, one won't be astonished if RK likewise takes up his offer to make Amir his script Doc and let him decide and takes a step ahead to become the next Mr. perfectionist of the tinsel town. Ranbir Kapoor is few weeks away from his next release "Sanju". While Shooting for Brahmastra with Alia Bhatt.


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