Dhadak starring fresh faces Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar
Karan Johar’s Next Dhadak starring fresh faces Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar
The star kids Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar are gathering the audience towards the headlines by introducing their debut movie. The movie “Dhadak” will open new chapters of their life by providing fresh rays from the sun of Bollywood.

As both of the celebrities are newcomers so their first impression is going to matter a lot. Both of them are not properly newbies because they have observed the life of celebrities with a keen eye.  

Being a daughter of the renowned actress Sri Devi, Jhanvi Kapoor is well known to almost every person. She is acting against the brother of Shahid Kapoor named Ishan Khattar. Everyone is expecting a lot from both of the kids. To accomplish the expectations of the spectators, a lot of hard work is needed to be put into the actions. The director Karan Johar has portrayed a love note for both of them so that they can showcase their talent among the audience.

Karan Johar had surprised the audience in the past too when he welcomed Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, and Alia Bhatt from the movie “Student of the year” and now he is inviting more fresh faces. The chemistry of the young celebrities will be seen in the movie and everyone is very excited to know more about the movie. The silver screens will answer all the queries of the audiences and will clear the doubts of people. At this time, people know a lot about their family backgrounds but have never witnessed their skills.

Blood flowing in the veins cannot decide the talent of a person, but everyone needs to provide the evidence of their capabilities. So it is not easy to say something about their performances, but the shared poster seems promising in every aspect. From the poster of the movie, their chemistry is engaging the audience to watch the movie for sure. Both of the star kids seem to share a good bond as they both look cute together in the poster.

“Dhadak” is going to increase the palpitations of the people. The new journey of the star kids is coming up with lots of fresh expectations that the star kids will have to accomplish. The director of the movie has wished good fortunes for both of them so that both can magnetize the audience with their vulnerability and innocence because lots of struggles and hindrances are still to arrive in their paths. 

The path decorated with the flowers might be waiting for them, but still, there is a huge requirement of extra efforts and hard work to be put into the actions. People use to judge a book by its cover so Jhanvi and Ishaan will have to make the first impression more alluring and happening. The same can be observed in the first look of the film, which is inviting the audience to look forward to the better resolution of the mysteries and riddles. So, get your expectations accomplished on the 6th of this July by the release of this movie. 


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