Deepika Padukone to announce her marriage with Ranveer Singh soon
The couple will tie knots on November 20 at Como in Lombardy, Italy, just after Nandi Puja ceremony at Deepika's residence in Bengaluru.

The countdown has already begun for Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s marriage and Deepika herself has hinted her marriage news and we are eagerly waiting when she will announce it officially.

"You'll know soon," Deepika was quoted as saying by The New Indian Express when she was asked about her possible marriage with boyfriend RanveerSingh.

Reports says Deepika and Ranveer will tie knots on November 20 at Como in Lombardy, Italy. But before taking off to the destination, a traditional ritual called Nandi Puja will take place at Deepika's residence in Bengaluru. Only 30 people including family members and close friends will attend the wedding and ceremony and won’t be allowed to carry cell phone to avoid unnecessary leaks.

On Karan Johar's chat show, Ranveer referred to Deepika as "marriage material". Deepika's ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor also said that he was rooting for the couple.

"I think they have an amazing creative partnership on screen. And beyond that, just the way they are with each other, they really complement each other well. They are, in ways, perfect to each other's energies and I'm really happy for them. I hope they can see this through and really make some awesome babies together," he said.

The couple will host two receptions -- one in Mumbai for their friends from Bollywood and another in Deepika's hometown Bengaluru for their extended family members and relatives.


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