Anushka Sharma's memes from "SuiDhaga" trailer are taking over the internet
Keeping aside the message the movie, "Sui Dhaga" shares, fans edited a still from the trailer and made it to some of the most hillarious memes on the internet. Check them out here

Whether it is facebook or instagram, the whole internet is flooded with Anushka Sharma’s expression meme from the trailerof Sui Dhaga which was released on August 13 and they are way too hilarious.

The trailer shows Varun in the role of Mauji, a tailor from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, while Anushka plays his wife and embroidery expert, Mamta. The movie shows the struggle of both the artisians for respect through self-reliance. Mauji who is happy doing scanty work for living is inspired by his wife Mamta to start his own business and Mauji picks his sewing machine to start journey toward self reliance.

But keeping the story and message the movie carry, fans focused on Anushka’s expressions which has become a trending meme itself. The expression is from a still of the later half trailer where Anushka is sitting in the factory and waving her hand towards Varun.

From Anushka’s face on Statue of Liberty to fighting with Thanos as Captain America, the internet is snowed under Anushka’s meme. Check them here.


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