Aayush Sharma reveals about Salman Khan's bonding with his nephew Ahil
Loveyatri actor Aayush Sharma talks about Salman Khan and Ahil Sharma's relationship

The uncle-nephew Jodi of Salman Khan and his nephew is truly adorable. They share a special bond and recently the Loveyatri actor Aayush Sharma shared some info about how Salman is so attached to Ahil that he doesn’t tell him anything, no matter what Ahil does. He shared that while no one dares to wake Salman from sleep, Ahil doesn’t care much about Salman’s anger and goes on to wake him up.

“With Salman bhai, Arpita has been more like his daughter than sister. He’s always taking care of her like a daughter. Now Arpita... and his son is even special. It’s not just for Salman bhai, but the whole family. Salman bhai also gets a little break with Ahil. If Ahil wants bhai to get up, he’ll pull him and bhai doesn’t say anything to him. But we’re not allowed. He gets away with everything. Ahil doesn’t sleep before 4 am. He likes to party with us. Bhai even takes Ahil with him to shoot,” Aayush told Deccan Chronicle.

That would be one sight to see! He went on to reveal that when Aayush began filming for Loveyatri, Ahil was still learning to speak. And now, Ahil is all grown up and communicating with him. “For me I’ve lost a big chunk of his time. Whenever I come home and hear him say something new, I look at Arpita and say, ‘Every time. I missed out on so many things.’ He walks so fast now! I remember holding him for the first time in the hospital. He once told me, ‘Papa aap Chogada’. I have missed out a lot but I think it will be worth it when Loveyatri will be hit and he will be proud of papa when he goes to school,” Aayush added.


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